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New Weather Vane in Plano, TX

Installed a full lightning protection system substituted one of the lighting rods for a declarative weather vane that’s tied into the system. Services: Lightning Rods Location: Plano, TX […]

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Installation of an Early Streamer Lightning Rod in Austin, TX

Installed a early streamer lightning rod for a customer on a new home build in Austin. […]

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Tree Lightning Protection In Bee Cave, TX

The customer has lost numerous trees over the years had one had sentimental value he wanted to protect we installed a system along side the tree to protect it for years to come. Services: Lightning Rods Location: Bee Cave, TX […]

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Installation of a Lighting Protection System in Houston, TX

A church in bay view has recently built a new building was worried cause the Height of the cross we installed a lightning on top of it and a system on the rest of the building. Lightning Rod Installation Location: Houston, TX […]

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Concealed Lightning Protector Installation in Pflugerville, TX

A full Installation of a concealed lightning protection system. This was new construction we work along side the general contractor to install why the home was being built Lightning Protection Installation […]

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New Installation in Tampa, FL

New installation for a customer with a standing seam called us after a strike on a neighbors property caused alotta damage. […]

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Lightning Protector Installation in Fort Lauderdale, FL

In this Fort Lauderdale project, the customer called us asking to have their new home protected from lightning. They also wanted decorative ornaments installed over their front door. After we installed everything, the client couldn't have been happier! If you're looking for a lighting protection company in […]

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New Lightning Protector Installation in Round Rock, TX

New standing seam metal roof had experienced a strike in the summer that forced the roof to be replaced and and started a small fire. We installed new lightning rods. […]

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