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Top-Notch Lightning Protection Company Serving San Marcos, TX

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Lightning Protectors is proud to provide San Marcos property owners with the highest quality lightning protection services. Our San Marcos electricians can help you protect your home and property from the damage lightning can inflict. We are adept at lightning protection installation so you and your family can feel safe in your home. No matter what you need, our team can get it done. Call us today if you need to hire a professionally licensed lightning protection company in San Marcos. Our team is ready to help you with all your lightning protection-related needs!

San Marcos' Source For Lightning Rods

When you need lightning rods in San Marcos, you only have to call one name: Lightning Protectors. We are the lightning protection company you can trust to offer the best services in lightning rod installation. When lightning strikes your home, a number of damages could occur:

  • Electrical fires
  • Power surges
  • Foundational/structural damage
  • And More

To prevent this from happening, it's smart to invest in a lightning rod. This lightning protection system redirects the electricity from lightning to the ground, away from your home, to prevent damage and electrocution. You will be able to rest easy during the next thunderstorm knowing that your home is protected from lightning by a lightning rod.

Reliable Surge Protection In San Marcos

Power surges are the sudden unexpected spikes in voltage. They travel throughout the home's electrical system and can oftentimes cause extensive damage. In some cases, surges can come from within the home such as turning on the dryer or dishwasher. Other surges can come from the outside of the home as in the case of lightning strikes, downed power lines, and utility switching. In any case, when you need San Marcos surge protection you can count on Lightning Protectors to deliver it to you. Call us before the next storm hits and threatens to fry your electrical system.

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